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We offer a range of cancer treatments and programs, including medical and surgical oncology, and rehabilitation.


A diagnosis of cancer can present many challenges as you set out on a journey you would no doubt prefer not to be undertaking. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments have contributed substantially to improvements in survival, but need to be managed carefully to ensure your safety and comfort.

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology involves using chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other targeted therapy for the treatment of cancer. Our team of trusted Medical Oncologists work closely with our experienced multi-disciplinary team to provide targeted treatment and patient-centred care that is second to none.

Meet your Oncologists

Dr Edward Livshin has been practicing medicine for over twenty years and has been a Medical Oncologist at Forster Private since 2009.

Dr Giovana Celli Marchett, after moving from Brazil, has worked at Manning Base since 2018 but has now joined the team for private patients at Forster Private Hospital.

Oncology Update 2023

In the first few months of 2023, our clinic has already provided medical treatment to 26 new patients, bringing our total number of patients seen in the oncology unit to over 600. This shows our commitment to providing accessible and quality care to those who need it.

Forster Private Oncology department is always striving to improve our services, and this year is no different. We are excited to announce that we will be launching our new online chemotherapy database CHARM in May, which will make it easier for more patients to receive treatment within our unit. This is a significant step forward for our department, and we can't wait to see the positive impact it will have on our patients' lives.

We are also thrilled to share that Dr. Mel Mccarney and Emma Mcleod have been working hard on developing a cancer rehab program. This program is designed to help cancer patients regain their strength and vitality after undergoing treatment, and we look forward to launching it in the next few months.

Dr. Livshin, one of our valued medical professionals, will be taking some well-earned long service leave in June through August. During this time, our team will ensure that all patients receive the same high standard of care that they have come to expect from Forster Private Oncology department.

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Cancer Care Services

  • Chemotherapy
  • Immuno Therapy
  • Medical Infusions
    • Iron Transfusions
    • Blood Transfusions
    • IVIG
  • Supportive Therapy
    • Dietitian
    • Social Worker
    • Speech Therapy
    • Great Lakes Wig Services
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
  • Palliative Care Services
    • Lymphoedema & Remedial Massage