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Patient Stories

We always welcome feedback about the care we provide our patients.

More like a 5 Star Hotel - wonderful meals, some of the best I've ever eaten and comparable to any quality restaurant. I didn't really think that my meals would be part of my recovery, I felt better each day, the variety on the menu was good, very fresh and well presented. I was so impressed and so thankful to all the staff, especially the chef!
- Phil. S
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Latest news

Graduate Program

Applications Open: 2021 Regional Nursing Graduate Program

It's time to think about where your nursing career will begin.

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Mental Health

Join the Movement for Mental Health Challenge

TUNE IN to Movement for Mental Health Month this October. Grab your family, a friend or yourself and join this fun 4 Week Challenge.

Mental Health Month encourages communities to come together and emphasise the importance of mental health in the everyday lives of us all. Show your support for Mental Health Month by getting active for good Mental Health!

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Womens Health Week

Living Healthe: Women's Health Week Podcasts

Tune in to LIVING HEALTHE to hear from a broad range of our Healthe Care specialists.

In support of Women's Health Week, Healthe Care Australia is excited to share a new podcast series, LIVING HEALTHE brought to you by a broad selection of female specialists and surgeons from our hospitals across the nation.

Listen in to hear what our female specialists have to say about their areas of expertise, including plenty of wonderful advice for women across a broad range of topics; from breast cancer, to spine health, cardiology, mental health, gynaecology and more.

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Covid Ball

Important Updates for Staff, Patient & Visitors

Current information on COVID outbreaks across Sydney and how it will effect visitor restrictions.

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